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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning. we're going to see temperatures climb into the upper 90s once again and temperatures getting close to 100 degrees. lots of sunshine with some clouds out there. temperatures will be 95 by noon and we're going to be hot by lunch time. then we'll climb into the upper 90s, close to 100 degrees late this afternoon. so get ready for the heat and we do have a chance for some isolated thunderstorms. visibilities, manassas, you have now dropped only a mile and a half. warrenton three miles. culpeper three miles. and stafford, you're also seeing some fog at two and a half mile visibility. satellite and radar picture showing us things are quiet overnight. for most of today, most of us should stay dry but we could catch an isolated shower or storm this afternoon. temperatures for today will be around 77 this hour and 70s for manassas. here's a look at your traffic with monika. good morning. good morning, anny. we've had a couple of situations early this morning. the one i've been telling you about lately is southbound georgia avenue in wheaton. i'm happy to say that all lanes
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have been reopened. that accident has been cleared. so you should be good to go past the wheaton metro station right now southbound on georgia avenue. let's take a live look at 270 on the southbound side. that's beginning to load up past route 109. it's going to be pretty much continuous now to route 121 before the pace improves but i think we can deal with that. we'll go back over to our maps and this time to the south side of town. northbound on i-95 right now it's incident free coming up from dale city to woodbridge. i love july in the sense that you really don't have those long slowdowns heading to the occoquan river. we'll take a live look into springfield. northbound i-95 still looking good to 395 and the 14th street bridge. i'll be back with more at 6:11. by this time next year your morning commute on metro could take you through tysons corner on the silver line. >> there's a lot of work still to be done on the extension but the project hit as major milestone this morning. >> it's a story happening today. delia goncalves is live along route 7 intysons -- in tysons
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corner with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jess. you were mentioning that traffic in the last clip and being familiar with this project. well, a lot of that traffic has begun. hey, today you may have a reason to celebrate. if you've been dealing with the traffic of this construction, well, today may indicate that traffic congestion may be easing in this area because crews will install the final segment of the aerial guideway later this morning. the controversial project moves forward with the promise of bringing economic growth to the region. the loudoun county board of supervisors held off on its crucial support of the project until a last-minute vote earlier this months. member -- this month. members were tied up in debate over labor issues to whether the train should be built above or underground but governor bob mcdonnell urged the board not to stand in the way of progress. now, without the board's support, that the crucial part
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of this project could have been in jeopardy. we're talking about the extension to dulles into loudoun county. that would not have happened if the board finally didn't get on board with the project. we're going to have more details on the second phase of this project coming up at 6:30. back to you. >> thank you, delia. delia goncalves live in tysons corner this morning. metro still has no idea what caused that computer glitch over the weekend. it forced trains to come to a halt for nearly an hour twice. metro's rolled out -- ruled out any kind of hacker attack or sabotage and no one was hurt or at risk when it hit. a similar glitch happened a few months ago. later this morning fire investigators are going to resume their search on what caused a huge apartment fire in woodbridge, virginia. one firefighter was hurt battling the flames last night at the gemstone apartments. the complex is on gemstone drive which is just a few blocks away from prince william plaza. a firefighter is expected to
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recover. no one else was hurt in this. the fire, though, forced about a dozen families out of their homes and they're in temporary housing this morning. dx council member phil graham is hold -- d.c. council member phil graham is holding on for calling mayor vincent gray to resign amid legal troubles over his 2010 campaign. that's according to this morning's "washington post." three members of the d.c. council have called for the mayor to resign. just last week gene clark admitted -- gene clark harris admitted to helping orchestrate a $650,000 shadow campaign on gray's behalf. immunity deal could be in the works for vernon hawkin. investigators believe he served as field operations manager for that alleged shadow campaign. sources tell our bruce johnson that he played a key role in funding gray's 2010 mayoral bid. prosecutors also tell bruce that they're prepared to offer hawkins immunity for his cooperation in the investigation. we've tried to meet with him since then but he hasn't returned our calls. sometime right now is 6:04.
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i am watching your money on this monday -- rather tuesday. wow, hey, get this girl a cup of coffee. if your money is in a savings account, it's not doing too hot. interest rates reached a new all time low on monday which is good news for people looking to borrow money but not so great for people trying to save it. freddie mac says mortgage rates dropped to 3.56% but bank says the highest one- year bank cd rate it found is just 1.1%. and the average money market is at 0.46%. if you're not saving money, maybe you're stockpiling credit card rewards points instead. chances are, though, you're not maximizing your card's potential. we check out what's in your wallet. >> reporter: what consumer doesn't love a bonus? that's one reason credit cards with loyalty rewards have become more popular. but brian kelly of the says maximizing these programs takes more
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strategy than a swipe of the card at the grocery store or gas pump. no matter how great a signup bonus might look, he advises doing some homework first. >> it may be a little bit of annoying to do some research and see what credit card is the best for you and your spend but once you get a really tight strategy in place, you'll be amazed at how quickly these free flights, free hotels can really add up. >> reporter: some of his other tips? take advantage of airlines or credit cards online shopping portals to accumulate extra rewards with each purchase. regularly seek out promotions that can earn extra points. use an online mileage manager to keep track of multiple cards. pay off the balance in full each month. otherwise interest paid can negate the rewards received. and points and miles may be like currency but they aren't an investment. rules and fees can change at any time. it may be helpful to keep a goal in mind so you keep earning and using those rewards like a family vacation or a
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first class ticket. >> that sounds nice. there is some speculation that friday's proposed multibillion dollar settlement between credit card companies, banks and the retailers could make it harder to get rewards and perks, but we'll have to wait and see on that. first class airline tickets. >> i don't even know what that's like. 6:07. coming up in five minutes, why not getting enough sleep can really hurt you in the long run, but this is the surprising part. getting too much sleep can be a problem too. >> i can zeal with those problems. -- deal with those problems. >> we can flirt with the triple digits today but there is relief in sight. >> if you're single and ready to mingle, ed to the big easy. new orleans ranks as the number one american city for singles according to travel magazine. it's the number one spot for having the friendliest and craziest crowd around. coming in second another wild city vegas. >> new york, miami, san juan,
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hello there. they round out the top five places for singles looking to meet new peep. while the district didn't even crack the top 20.
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otherwise. some areas of fog. it's going to get hot. we'll top out close to 100 degrees. a chance for an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon and early this evening. some of those storms could be strong. thank you so much, anny. i wanted to give you some good news. on the west side of town, take a look at the beltway from our sky 9. very light here. west side of town here at route 7 in tysons corner. no issues between the american legion bridge and i-66 thankfully this morning. i'll be back with more coming up in my next report. back to you guys. 6:11 this tuesday morning. here's a check of some of the things making news now. two people are dead and 19 others are hurt after a shooting at a cookout in toronto. among the injured an infant and a 12-year-old girl. police think there was more than one gunmen in this case. they do have at least one person of interest in custody.
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more fallout from the abuse scandal at penn state. the area where students camp out for football tickets will be renamed from pa attorney knowville -- pa stern noelville to -- pa stern knowville to -- paterno ville to nittyville. dpriefers are being asked to a-- drivers are being asked to avoid baltimore's inner harbor because of a water main break. this is along light street. it could take days before those roads are back to normal. now it's time for a health alert. a government crackdown on obesity may be working. a report out tuesday finds new york city's ban on trans fats in restaurants is helping people eat better. there's a similar ban in montgomery county. new york's ban hit thousands of restaurants back in 2006. since then the amount of trans fats people ate at lunch dropped 2.4 grams. the biggest drop happened at places serving hamburgers, mexican food, and fried chicken.
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>> i love hamburgers. >> me, too. 6:12 now. how much sleep did you get last night? what about the night before? >> not enough. but a new study finds women who aren't getting the right amount of sleep every night could have lower cognitive function and that could lead to alzheimer's. >> as randall pinkston reports, there are some problems about not getting enough sleep but there's also some problems about getting too much. >> reporter: sleep is a problem for many people, especially as they get older. >> i probably get around average 7. i do feel i could use another hour probably. >> i'm lucky if i could get four or five. >> reporter: a new study from the alzheimer's association finds not getting the right amount of sleep could affect your mind later in life. researchers looked at 15,000 women over the age of 70 and found that those who slept too little or too much had worse cognitive function as they aged. >> on the short end women were sleeping five or less hours and on the long end women were
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sleeping nine or more hours. >> reporter: researchers performed a number of memory tests over six years on the women in the study. they found that too little or too much sleep was cognitively equivalent to aging a year and a half. with an estimated 16 million americans expected to have alzheimer's by 2050, the findings could have big implications. >> we may need to start looking in the future at sleeping strategies for potentially reducing cognitive impairment and alzheimer's disease. >> reporter: as people age, they tend to sleep less and the sleep they do get tends to get more fragmented. researchers say seven hours seems to be ideal. >> i've been blessed that i do sleep well and i don't have a problem with it but i'll definitely -- definitely seven hours is my new target. >> reporter: it's certainly something to sleep on. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. >> boy, seven hours sounds great about now. 6:14. also important, the change in the amount of time you sleep. women who sleep changed at least two hours per day from
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the beginning of the study until the end ever the study -- of the study performed worse on cognitive tests than those who kempt the same amount of time each time. >> i think it would be fun if they did cognitive tests on us at the beginning of the week versus the end to measure sleep tests. >> brutal. >> no deficit here. anny hong has the weather. there's some big temperatures. >> yeah. temperatures will get up close to 100 degrees today. i think some records will be challenged. some could fall. get ready for a very hot day. it's a pretty mild start out there. temperatures now have fallen into the 70s at this hour. by 9:00 we'll be back into the 80s. at noon 95 degrees. by late this afternoon close to 100 degrees. a chance for an isolated thunderstorm for this afternoon and this evening. we do see some areas of fog this morning. here is your visibility map. down to two and a half miles in stafford. one and a half for manassas. warrenton three. culpeper three miles. far out west petersburg down to two miles and looks like
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martinsburg, hagerstown getting also areas of fog as well. so our satellite and radar picture showing us it's been pretty quiet overnight. for most of today, we should just see some hot conditions and lots of sunshine with the exception of an isolated thunderstorm. right now temperatures are in the 70s here in d.c. mid-60s in cumberland. charlottesville around 77 degrees. and closer to town inside the beltway 76 in arlington. 73 in college park. bethesda 72. reston good morning to you. you're at 69 degrees. so is we're expecting again some areas of patchy fog as we're seeing. visibility has been reduced in some locations. a dry morning commute, however. we're talking near record highs for today and more thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and early evening. some could be strong. records to beat for today i think the best chance to challenge the record will be at dulles which is 100 set in 1997. check out your future cast. for today plenty of sunshine.
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a few clouds out there but overall going to be a hot day. tomorrow also looking at more sunshine and then in the afternoon a better chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms through the evening. thursday also we're looking to stay unsettled as well under partly to mostly cloudy skies but it will not be as hot. check out your forecast. we start in western maryland. oakland 83. cumberland 94. hagerstown 95. culpeper getting to 100 degrees. in downtown close to 100. annapolis upper 90s. check out the next three days. weather alert code yellow because of the heat and a chance for storms again. more unsettled wednesday and thursday. so we'll be hot through wednesday but thursday lower 90s. friday and saturday and into the weekend we're talking 80s. here is monika with your time saver traffic. you're smiling. i kind of like the end of the seven-day. if you're planning to head over on the roads right now, i think overall things are back to normal. on the northbound side of i-95
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you've got a bit of slow traffic into woodbridge. we'll take a live look at springfield on the northbound side of i-95 where it's just bunching up trying to exit to the beltway. then on 395 we'll take a live look a little further north at duke street where again you're going to find it a timey bit slow right here. it looks worse than it actually is. it's actually fine once you hit seminary road to the 14th street bridge. no delays north of this point into the district right now. we'll go back over to our maps. i want to let you know there had been a problem on metro where it was single tracking on the redline between judiciary square and union station. the track problems have been resolved but some residual delays because of it so keep that in mind for your travel plans. 6:18 now. coming up next in sports, the president and the first lady steal the spotlight at verizon center while the nationals start an important home stand. >> right now let's get another check of our question of the morning. today's question, the average american consumes a pound of which of these things each and
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every day? is it a, bread, b, soda, or c, coffee? >> our facebook friend patrice posted the answer is a, bread. it's the only weakness out of the other choices that is contributing to my weight gain. >> i hear you. keep those posts coming. we'll reveal the correct answer at 6:54. +
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good morning. 6:22 on your tuesday. you'll need your sunscreen, sunglasses and presentee of water. another -- plenty of water. another hot day. temperatures climbing into the upper 90s, close to 100. here's a look at the capitol. we do see fair skies out there. by 9:00 we'll be back into the 80s. at noon 95. so lunch time, stay inside if you can. then by late this afternoon, getting close to 100 degrees. i think we could challenge a record or two. we do have a chance for an isolated thunderstorm. it could be strong if that does
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bubble up. right now 77 degrees. back you to guys. >> thanks, anny. in sports the nationals begin a seven-game home stand. it starts off with a visit from the new york mets. >> they wrapped up their series down south with the marlins in miami. it looked good early. ryan zimmerman still hot at the plate sends one over the wall in left. d.c. up 2-0. but that lead vanished unfortunately at the bottom of the inning. the marlins rallied to score four runs, two of them on a two- run homer. nats fall 5-3. their lead in the nl east is down to two and a half games now. maybe today is the day robert griffith iii shows up at redskins report. he has not signed his contract yet so he cannot head to camp. there's some kind of hangup over the language in his deal. nine of the first 11 players selected in april's draft have yet to sign their contracts. first lady michele obama took in a little tennis in
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southwest. she attended the start of the capitals match against the boston lobsters. kastles win. the first lady joined her husband at the verizon center. the crowd gave washington wizardses a strong ovation. even though he plays for brazil. he helped brazil get out to ten points in the lead but that was in the first period. team u.s.a. rallied. lebron james had 30 points. kevin durant had 11. the u.s. beat brazil 80-69. what has people talking this morning is this. the president and the first lady appearing on kiss cam. it started out a little shy and the crowd booed. they just smiled and they got another chance for some smooches. there it is later in the game back on the kiss cam.
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this time the president planted a big one on his wife. >> she's like come on, people. don't you know what this is? that was great. time now 6:25. ahead some good news for everyone who gets stuck in traffic on route 1 near fort belvoir. a deadly plane crash in upper montgomery county. we're going to get the latest that investigation. >> first, let's check on the commute right now. monika, over to you. southbound i-270 a slow stretch out of frederick at route 85 past 109 to 121 with some reduced visibility. i'm have more on traffic coming up in my next report. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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good morning. 6:29. if you're just waking up this is the place you can always get your weather first. a live look at the jefferson memorial. a little bit of haze. we can tack on about 25 degrees to that level. quick programming note to pass along. annandale high school canceled summer classes today because of a power outage. annandale high school in fairfax county, classes canceled because of a power outage. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm jessica doyle. >> i'm mike hydeck. andrea and howard are off. anny hong is on the weather terrace with a check of what we can expect to be a very hot day. >> good morning. going to be another hot day as you were saying but it's not going to be crazy humid. the national weather service is not issuing any heat advisories for today. so that's the good news. temperatures by lunch time will
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be around 95 degrees with a chance for an isolated storm this afternoon, early this evening which could be strong. highs will top out upper 90s, close to 100 degrees. we could challenge some records, especially at dulles. fog. warrenton down to zero advice ibilities. manassas -- visibility. manassas down to half a mile. here's monika. thank you so much. if you're planning to head around town and use the beltway, i think overall really no big complaints right now. you don't see any yellow or red on the north side of town here on my map which is a good thing on the outer loop leaving college park although you do have a few brake lights at new hampshire avenue. i'm show you that live on our mdot camera. just a slow stretch leaving new hampshire avenue. it's going to be continuous to silver spring and it improves over to 270 and across the american legion bridge. no big complaints here. let's go to southern maryland coming up on route 4, 301, 210 to accokeek to oxon hill. everything running incident
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free. we'll show what you it looks like out of brandywine. route 301 at route 5. everyone seems to be behaving themselves. i'll show you a live look from sky 9. this is inbound 66 at route 50. the slow stretch to 123 before the pace improves. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in my next report. back to you. >> see you then. the focus of the presidential campaign over the last few days regarding mitt romney's time in bain capital has been the focus of the news. however, that could be changing pretty soon if he decides to pick a running mate. >> cbs this morning is looking at that. charlie rose joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning to you, charlie. those would be some pretty big doings. >> they would be. good morning, mike and jessica. former press secretary for president bush will be here in studio 57 and we'll talk about the attacks against mitt romney over his tax returns and bain capital. plus, the timing behind a vice presidential pick. also in studio 57, a former c.i.a. officer with secrets on how to
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spot a lie. we'll take you to the brooklyn publishing company credited with helping us beat the heat. the history of air conditioning and how our addiction to cool could cost us. that and more when we see you at 7:00. >> thanks, charlie. see you in just a little bit. the faa heads to laytonsville, maryland to investigate a deadly crash at davis airport. one person was killed. another injured in the crash. authorities say the pilot of the single engine plane was doing takeoff and landing maneuvers yesterday when he crashed. the practice is required to keep a pilot current. a friend of one of the victims witnessed this crash. >> he got airborne but he didn't climb very high or very fast. and when he was at the end of the runway, it didn't appear that he was high enough to clear the trees on the far side. and we saw him take a right turn and stalled aircraft and spin to the ground. >> at this point authorities are not releasing the nation of the -- names of the people
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involved in the crash. yet another round of meetings to discuss the future of galling in maryland. governor -- gambling in maryland. governor martin o'malley is meeting with leaders. he's considering a special session on whether or not to decide whether to allow table games and possibly to build a brand new casino at national harbor. one of the biggest opponents to that national harbor plan is the owner of maryland's live, the new casino in anne arundel county that just opened. in an e-mail sent from the owner was obtained by "the washington post." he says half of its customers come from the d.c. area and a casino at national harbor would cut into its business. today we could learn about a new stadium planned to keep the potomac nationals in prince william county. inside reports there will be a press conference today in woodbridge. it will announce a public- private partnership for a development deal at the stone bridge town center. that's just east of i-95 at
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opitz boulevard. the website reports the site will be named as the new home for the p-nats. the owner of the team hopes to have a single a team playing in the stadium by 2014. a 62-year-old man is recovering this morning after two pit bulls attacked him over the weekend. his son, however, stopped the attack from becoming even worse. the dogs attacked max fernandez when he was getting out of his car. the son ran around the neighborhood trying to get the dogs' attention. the wife is still traumatized by the whole event. >> i wish i didn't see those things. [indiscernible] >> the dogs bit the man 14 times. police had to shoot and kill one of them after a dog began attacking them. the fate of the surviving pit bull is yet to be determined. the owner of the dogs may also be facing charges now. almost 6:34. we have a commuter alert for you. some relief for all of you who
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get stuck in traffic on route 1 near fort belvoir. the pentagon and department of transportation announced monday a $180 million is going to go to widening the road. a lane will be added in each direction it telegraph road and mount vernon highway. there will also be access at the tully gate. today a big milestone for metro's silver line project n. about a year it will take commuters through tysons corner on the way to downtown washington. delia goncalves is live along route 7 with more on what's happening today. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning. good news for you and a lot of folks who travel through this area. crews and commuters alike will celebrate when a large crane will finally place the final segment of the aerial guideway in place here in tysons corner. that will complete construction of phase one of the silver line project that will likely open to commuters next year.
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soon afterwards, construction of phase two will begin and will likely be complete in 2018. that will bring the total to $23 -- to 23 miles of track that we're talking about. according to the dulles metrorail website, phase two will include parking garages with a total of 8900 spaces. and six stations. reston town center, hearn don, innovation -- herndon, innovation center, dulles, route 606 and route 772 and that is the last stop in respectton. the project has -- reston. the project has certainly been controversial in this area from labor issues to whether or not the rail should have been built above or below ground. but the loudoun county board of supervisors who's really holding off on their support of this project finally gave the deal the green light in a 5-4 vote that was passed earlier this month. so some major progress and also major construction. i guess lots of folks say
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construction is progress in this area. some commuters might contend with that. but a lot of folks in this area excited to finally see this final phase going through later today. back to you, jess. >> you bet they are. delia goncalves live in tysons corner this morning. hopefully the traffic gods will be with all of us soon. how about this train ride of the future a. group called northeast making love is lobbying law makeers in washington to build a japanese style bullet train between here and new york. you can leave union station right now at 6:37 and be at penn station by 7:45. it would just take 15 minutes to zip to baltimore. no price tag on the project. ideas like this have been in the works for 25 years. >> maybe it will happen. 6:37. coming up in nine minutes, we're headed into the kitchen to grill up some modern tap pas -- tapas. going to be a hot one.
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sunny skies. highs near 100. straight ahead, find out about the chance of thunderstorms today and when we're going to finally cool down.
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good morning. welcome back. monika here with your time saver traffic. it's been relatively easy u especially on the beltway. if you're planning to head over to 95 on the southbound side in warrenton, there was reports of a car on fire but on the northbound side you're okay. a bit of slow traffic as you leave dale city into woodbridge at the occoquan river. then lorton into springfield, we'll take a live look where the lanes are open on the northbound side. no big problems on to 395 which does slow down by the way from the beltway to seminary road. back over to the maps, this time heading out west. no problems to report as you come in on the dulles toll road or 66 coming in from sterling or from fairfax. you have a bit of slow traffic here at route 50 toward 123.
6:43 am
i'm going to step out and show what you it looks like live from our sky 9. the taillights will be the outer loop of the beltway heading southbound in toward springfield. the inner loop is the left side of your screen. that's going to be slow as you head toward annandale but it is incident free. i'll be back with more traffic once again at 6:58. back to you guys. we are at the weather center right now. it's going to be a hot one. we have a lot to thank willis carrier for. 110 years ago today he brought us the air conditioner. >> hopefully your ac will be on full blast and it's working fine because you're going to definitely need it today. as we're looking at temperatures getting up to close to 100 and i think some places we actually will challenge the record high. here's a look at our day planner for this tuesday. we'll see lots of sunshine, a few clouds filtering in throughout the day, kind of like what we saw yesterday. by lunch time it's going to be hot, 95 degrees. late this afternoon close to 100 degrees.
6:44 am
by 6:00 we'll have gotten down to 98 degrees. we do have a chance for some isolated thunderstorms late this afternoon and early this evening. so here's a look at our visibilities. we are seeing some areas of fog and very low visibility, especially west of town into manassas. we're down to only half a mile. stafford less than two miles. warrenton four. culpeper three. even out west in petersburg we have visibility down to a mile and a quarter. our satellite and radar picture showing us plenty of sunshine for today with some clouds moving in. and looks like we'll see a chance for a storm tonight. also better chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms for tomorrow. downtown 77 degrees. 64 in cumberland. 74 in richmond and 77 degrees in ocean city. feels like 74 in downtown and upper 70s with the humidity really is going to be up there but not crazy, crazy humid. our michael &son weather
6:45 am
camera. we have mostly cloudy conditions. you can see the clouds are very high up, like sir rouse clouds. -- a dry morning commute. watch for the near record highs for today and more storms are possible. some could be strong, especially tomorrow and into thursday. our future cast showing us again today should be plenty of sunshine, a few clouds filtering in throughout the day. then tomorrow we've got a front coming through that will come through wednesday and thursday. what that means for us is will trigger scattered showers and thunderstorms by wednesday afternoon and into thursday. by thursday we break from the high heat and we'll be closer to average for this time of year. here's a look at your forecast tuesday. we start in western maryland. 38 in oakland. cumberland 94. winchester and hagerstown in the mid-90s. 100 in culpeper.
6:46 am
warrenton 99. in downtown 99 degrees. here's a look at your next three days. yellow alert day. better chance for showers and storms wednesday. thursday around 90. still unsettled. friday in the mid-#s on and the weekend looks -- mid-80s and the weekend looks pretty good as we stay in the 80s. back to you guys. thanks. cool is out and it's time for recess. that's the name of a new restaurant not far from the white house on 15th and new york avenue. that's why we have these gentlemen. will is the executive chef and here's the owner. want to make sure i pronounce is right, sayo. we are headed temperatures towards 100 degrees. one of the things a lot of people recommend is to eat smaller meals throughout the day and they specialize in tapas so they're going to make take pas this morning -- take pas for us -- tapas for us. >> this is a rack of lamb. we cut it in small portions. >> is that olive oil in the
6:47 am
pan? >> yes, olive oil. we pan seared it very hot. then we're going to serve it ovaries sow toe -- serve it over risotta. >> as we get this going, you said this used to be just a lounge. you decided to add food and tapas to it. why go ahead and do that? that could be a risky endeavor. >> a lot of our customers were asking for food. we were happy to meet our chief and partner up and provide them something they were asking for. >> it smells fantastic. this is lamb. it's dressed how again in the pan? >> it's salt and pepper. you finish it in the oven for a few minutes. two to three minutes. and then because it needs to cook inside. because we're on tv, we're going to do it quickly.
6:48 am
>> you were talking about if people decide to come down and sample the food and see your restaurant, you have some specials available now. >> absolutely. we have happy hour daily from 4:30 to 6:30. we also have live music on wednesdays and thursdays. we do a live jazz on wednesday and we do a live dj on thursdays. >> in addition to the lamb chop, what are some of the other items on the menu? >> we have chicken croquets, emp nadas which are very popular, salad, russian salad. we have a lot of different things. come in and enjoy it. >> take a look at the finished product. so recess 15th avenue -- excuse me, 15th street and new york avenue not far from the white house. try their tapas. they have specials on wednesday as well. it's time also -- thanks, guys, for joining us. daily deals, over to you.
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it is time to save you some money with today's daily deals. have you ever wanted to drive a ferrari or a lamborghini? this is your chance. imagine lifestyles will help you do just that at regency furniture stadium in waldorf, maryland. 99 bucks gets you a high speed driving experience and the photos to prove t. you'll find this one on groupon. it is 72% off the normal price. summer is travel season for most of us so how about 76% off a 25-inch expandable suitcase. the carry-on normally sells for $420 and you can find it today in the daily deals section of e- bay just 99.99. slashing the price of a lazy boy four-piece patio seating set. it normally sells for $1500 but you can buy it today for 699.99 plus free shipping. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on
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facebook. a check of the news before you go is next.
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. good morning. 6:53. time to wake up. happy tuesday morning. here's a look at your forecast for today. we're expecting temperatures to get up into the mid-90s by noon. so hot by lunch time. by late this afternoon upper 90s, close to 100. we will challenge some records. currently it's 77 degrees and we do see some areas of fog in warrenton, culpeper and manassas. back to you guys. today is tuesday, july 17. here's a check on the news before you go. pepco will spend the next six months reviewing whether all or part of its power systems can be put underground n. is in response to last month's storms. pepco has said putting all of
6:54 am
its lines underground would cost more than $5 billion. the national cathedral is explaining part of the aids memorial quilt. there host a memorial service saturday evening for those living with h.i.v. and aids. the feature part of the quilt is called the last one. it's rarely ever shown in public. miami's hanley ramirez broke a tie in the 3rd inning last night with a two-run homer. nats fall to the marlins 5-3. the team returns home tonight to begin a series with the mets. 6:54. time to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. the question one more time, the average american consumes a pound of which of these things each day. is it a, bread, b, soda, or c, coffee? >> this was a tough one today but the answer turns out to be b, soda. >> i'm not surprised considering some of the people in my life, including my co- anchor. >> hiding under the desk. >> one more check of traffic and weather when we return on
6:55 am
9news now.
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6:58 am
one more thing before you go. we've heard more than our share of stories negatively speaking about charlie sheen, but he's doing something that's actually quite nice. he's got a new show out. it is calleddage gear management. he's -- called anger management. geetion to dough -- he's going to donate some proceeds. >> they expect to make $100 million. this is fantastic. it will go to build an entertainment facility for seriously injured military troops in bethesda. >> he's not going to cap the donations. if it goes over a million, he'll keep going which is terrific. >> he's going to hand over the first installment later this week. going to be a hot day. temperatures going close to a hundred.
6:59 am
we do have a chance for isolated afternoon and evening thunderstorms today. some of those storms could be strong if they bubble up. better chance for storms and showers tomorrow. still hot but then by thursday in the lower 90s. monika, how is traffic looking? not too bad. just slow. on the outer loop we'll take a live look. north of town at new hampshire avenue, that stretch continues to about georgia avenue. a live look from our sky 9 on the northbound side of i-395. this is what it looks like edsall road to seminary. lanes are open. cbs this morning is next. they're going to have more on the severe drought gripping the nation and talking with coach sylvester herself, actress jane lynch. anny and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. track the weather all day on your iphone or android foan. download our free -- phone. jone loud our free weather app. join us tomorrow morning at 4:25. have a